Ghost hunters have invaded your house! Scare them out!


Use the left and right arrow keys or A and D to move left and right.

Use the up and down arrow keys or W and S to climb the stairs.

Use the up arrow key or W to hide in jack-o'-lanterns, portraits, or vases.

Use the space bar to scream! Scream at the ghost hunters to scare them away!

Both the Web Edition and PC Edition support X-Input gamepads! Movement can be performed with the D-pad or left analogue stick, and screaming can be done with Button 0 (A on an Xbox controller).

Ghost hunters are patrolling the house! If they spot you, they'll turn on their red flashlights and give chase! The red flashlight has a shorter range then their normal flashlight, but if it touches you, you're toast!

Ghost hunters can't be scared when they're chasing you. You have to sneak up on them.

Hiding in something is a good way to avoid the red light, unless the ghost hunter shines it directly at you.


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